Meet Your New Jazz Teacher: Clay Moore

Jazz guitarist Clay Moore is a rare find on today's jazz scene – a unique voice that strengthens and expands the jazz idiom with sensitivity, clarity, and uncompromising integrity. Clay's warm, expressive tones and impeccable phrasing have been delighting U.S. and international audiences for over 20 years.

Clay was born in 1956 in Amarillo, Texas. His family was avidly musical, and he was surrounded by a variety of live and recorded music growing up – American folk, blues, classical, African, Caribbean, and jazz.

Inspired by popular rock and blues groups such as The Allman Brothers, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and John Lee Hooker, Clay first picked up the guitar at age 16. A year later his burgeoning interest in jazz was furthered when El Paso, Texas-based guitar master Curt Warren was hired to teach a semester at his high school. Although Curt had his hands full with a class of beginning guitar players, he would often take time before class to show Clay a chord progression or scale fingering. When Curt left El Paso to rejoin the Navy, he told the young guitar enthusiast to "learn to read and learn solos off of records."

After high school Clay moved to Tampa, Florida, where he began playing some of his first gigs and jam sessions in clubs. With limited access to professional instruction, he taught himself jazz theory and history by scouring local libraries, music stores, and record stores, reading every book and magazine he could find with the word "jazz" in the title and building an album collection that included the giants that were to prove his foremost jazz guitar influences: George Benson, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Barney Kessel, and Howard Roberts.

Later, Clay attended master classes with Howard Roberts, Joe Pass, Pat Martino, Steve Brown, and John Scofield, and his diligent self-study paid off. When he made the pilgrimage to Pat Martino's house in Philly, the guitar master told him, "You don't need a guitar teacher. Get out and play."

Clay lost no time in taking his mentor's advice. By the late 1970's he was a professional musician living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, honing his craft in a musically diverse succession of bands that ran the gamut from Top 40 to blues, country-rock, hard rock, and fusion. Get amazing guitar lessons at Guitar Control.

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